Captain Falcon Moveset

Frame Data Move Description Analysis

Jab 1

Total: 21
Hit: 3-5
Window of the second punch: 3-25
Second punch starts: 9
Single Punch useful for shield disruption after a shffled aerial. Leads into good mixups on shield, but can still be shield-grabbed

Jab 2

Total: 20
Hit: 5-7
Window of the knee: 2-25
Knee starts: 8
Double punch useful as a mixup. Again leads into Gentleman and shield mix-ups with aerials

Jab 3 (Gentleman)

Total: 32
Hit: 6-12
Rapid Jabs starts: 13
Situationally one of the best disruption tools in Falcons toolkit. Gentleman is slang for hitting A twice, waiting, and pressing A againt to do a knee animation without going into rapid jabs. Although it can be punished on shield, can lead to a variety of combos and useful off pivots and crossovers. An easy way to do this is press AA, and then A and Z at the same time.

Rapid Jabs

Total: 55
Jab hits: 5-6, 13-14, 21-22, 29-30, 36-37, 45-46
For the most part, a relatively useless move usually a result of a failed gentleman.


Total: 29
Hit: 9-11
Decent for spacing certain moves, but because it lacks follow-ups for the most part a less favored move especially in neutral. It can be used as a crossup on shield when facing backside of opponents shields, but even then I would rather gentlemand in those spots as they both disrupt out of shield options.

F-Tilt (Up)

Total: 29
Hit: 9-11
I've seen s2j and N0ne use this as a di-mixup option off of certain moves, but shouldn't be used without a good understanding of what options can be punished.

F-Tilt (Down)

Total: 29
Hit: 9-11
Useful for quick edgeguarding option and shield mixups.


Total: 35
Hit: 10-15
IASA: 35
Albeit a slower move for Falcon, the move has its usage in both combos and in the neutral game. It's an easy move to punish in neutral because of its speed, but good for catching overexteded dash dances and a good combo starter into knee. It can be used to disrupt sweetspotting Firefoxes and trying to catch them as they go to the ledge.


Total: 39
Hit: 17-21
IASA: 38
For the most part, an outdated edgeguard option. For less tech heavy Falcon players, U-tilt is a safer edge guard option and can disturb sweetspots to ledge. Would rather cover the same options with a weak knee offstage as it covers more options and puts out a lasting hitbox, while this needs to be timed well.

Dash Attack

Total: 39
Hit: 7-16
IASA: 38
A bad move with a lot of lag. Even when connecting doesn't have good follow-ups. Would not recommend getting into the habit of using Dash Attack.


Total: 64
Hit: 18-21
IASA: 60
Charge Frame: 10
Good kill potential as a move, but only covers certain options with it. Forward Smash does have a pullbuck on Falcon's hitbox so can be used for tricky neutral options. Guarenteedcombo on fastfallers off Uthrow at higher percents.


Total: 54
Hit: 21-22, 27-28
IASA: 40
Charge Frame: 8
With the prevalance of Smash-Di of better players, the move becomes worse and worse as players become better. The second hitbox has a hard time connecting with good DI by opponents. Although the move does have good combo potential because of how it pops up the opponent at lower percents. Tough to land without a read.


Total: 49
Hit: 19-22, 29-32
IASA: 45
Charge Frame: 14
A good call out move for catching rolls and has decent coverage off tech situations. Near the sides of the stage where it can cover roll towards ledge, the move covers all the options on tech if timed correctly. Not the most optimal punish, but if lacking reaction time is good for covering multiple options.


Total: 44
Hit: 7-12, 20-29
Auto Cancel: 3, 34
Landlag: 15
LCancelled: 7
Arguably one of Falcon's better moves because of its range and ability to utilize Falcon's great aerial drift. One of the basis of Falcon's neutral game and nairing well makes the difference between a good Falcon player and the rest. The different variations of how Nair can be used in neutral is amazing. Drift back nair to wall, overshot nair to catch, cross-up nair into pivot pressure. Nair is one of Falcon's strongest aerials and should be learned extensively.


Total: 33
Hit: 6-13
IASA: 30
Auto Cancel: 22;
Landlag: 15
LCancelled: 7
"Falcon's U-Air is bullshit!" Yes this move is amazing. The hitbox is amazing above, and comboes well. Great in neutral by using late u-airs as exemplified by s2j's usage of the move in neutral. The move's range, speed, and low lag make it one of Falcon's deadliest moves.


Total: 35
Hit: 10-17
IASA: 29
Auto Cancel: 6, 21
Landlag: 18
LCancelled: 9
Fast and effective move. A quick hitbox in neutral that can be placed to wall. Bair against floaties is insane as it lets us come down on them using Falcon's superior vertical movement.


Total: 44
Hit: 16-20
Auto Cancel: 3, 36
Landlag: 24
LCancelled: 12
Falcon's bread and butter combo starter off of reads or reactions. Deadly move that leads into a free knee most of the time. Can also be used as a meteor or a true spike if the nipples are involved.


Total: 39
Hit: 14-30
IASA: 36
Auto Cancel: 6, 35&;
Landlag: 19
LCancelled: 9
Falcon's deadliest combo finisher. The knee. It kills at low percents, it comboes into itself. Strong knee is how we kill. The weak hitbox of knee is also incredibly useful for edgeguarding because of how long the hitbox lasts from frame 14-30.


Total: 30
Grab: 7-8
Combined with Falcon's incredible movement as a character, grab is one of Falcon's most potent weapons. With tech chasing and free combos off of grabs on certain characters, grabbing can end stocks.

Dash Grab

Total: 40
Grab: 11-12
Should always Jump Cancel Grab instead of this if possible.

Falcon Kick (Ground)

Total: 69
Hit: 14-32
Useful for recovery, and sometimes a random mixup to regain centerstage.

Falcon Kick (Air)

Total: 58
Hit: 15-29
Again just a good recovery tool, too much lag to use it in neutral if landing on the ground.

Falcon Punch

Total: 99
Hit: 52-56
Falcon's most stylish move. With such a long lag, the move is almost unuseable, unless styling on an opponent. Should never be used in a serious set.

Raptor Boost

Total ground (whiffed): 79
Hit window (ground): 15-34
Hit window (air): 17-34
When hit: 3-8
Lag (air): 45
Lag (ground): 25
Landlag: 20
Landfallspeciallag: 20
Reactable move for the opponent to punish, but a good combo starter and good for picking up rolls off tech situations. Against good players, unless the move is being used in tech situations or as a read to continue combos it has a hard time working. Good in a crossup situation as well as a read against projectile spam. The move allows Falcon to slide under projectiles and can punish bad projectile usage.

Up B Recovery

Total: 64
Grab: 13-33
Soonest Possible Ledge Grab: 38
Falcon's recovery sucks. Try to mixup aerial drift when recovering to hopefully get back.

Air Dodge

Total: 49
Invulnerability: 4-29
Slow and punishable.

Spot Dodge

Total: 32
Invulnerability: 3-20
Slow and punishable.

Roll Forward

Total: 31
Invulnerability: 4-19
Falcon's roll isn't the worst option and for the most part should be mixed up with oos aerials and wavedash oos to keep them guessing.

Roll Backward

Total: 31
Invulnerabiility: 4-19
Again mix up oos options if possible.